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Can You Buy HCG in Stores – Health and Pharmaceutical Outlets Selling HCG

Without a doubt, HCG has been the most popular form of losing weight nowadays. It is not only with the use of the HCG hormone nor the low calorie diet that makes it so special. It is basically the unique diet protocol that was formulated that made it so successful and famous when it comes to weight loss.

The use of the HCG hormone as a weight loss solution was actually derived from its after-effect on a pregnant woman's body. The actual function of the hormone is not to produce weight loss. Instead, it acts as a protective hormone on the developing embryo. Its protective mechanism takes place by burning down the accumulated fats in a woman's body to provide an environment of mobility and growth for the baby. As a result of the removal of fats, the woman becomes fit and able to maintain a normal weight even during pregnancy.

Because of this tremendous discovery by the experts, HCG was then developed into injections and later into oral drops, sprays, and pills to cause a certain level of weight loss on anyone's obese or overweight body. As mentioned earlier, it is also used with a strict low calorie diet that limits it into 500 per day. The program usually lasts for about 26 to 40 days.

Most of the HCG products today are sold online. You have online retailers, auctions websites and price compare to provide you with the best sources of HCG suppliers and distributors. Online retailers are usually those that directly produce and sell the HCG products. Their businesses are basically online-based and customers surf through the net to take their order. Their items include the product itself as well as the other supplies needed for the administration. Some retailers provide you with ready-made kits consisting of all the tools required for a period of 26 or 40 days. Online price-compare is also available where you can search through the different brands and manufacturers that sell HCG products and be able to compare the prices. Purchasing through this source will enable you to get affordable prices of HCG that is even lesser than the standards retail price. There is also the auction websites from which individual sellers put their HCG products online for sale depending on the cost that they want. It is where you can get good bargains and save a lot of money in buying the product.

Since HCG products have been popularly known to be sold online, people sometimes wonder if there are stores that sell HCG. Actually, there are a lot of local stores, health and pharmaceutical centers and clinics that sell HCG but are not known for it since there are quite a few. These stores also sell health vitamins and supplements.

You can always check out these stores if they have HCG products. If you are not sure and you want to save time and effort, you can call them first to confirm. Once you have confirmed that they do sell the product, that's the time you go visit them. However, if they do not sell the HCG product, you can ask if they can order if for you from the suppliers of the product. You may not know it but there are shops and clinic that are aid to do the ordering for their customers. They can then have it delivered to their store and all you have to do is to claim it from them. Sometimes, they can also have it delivered right into your home with additional shipping fees. Examples of these health and maintenance clinics or pharmaceutical shops are Meta-Health Weight Management Incorporated, Success Weightloss Systems, and HCG SlimAgain.

Meta-Health Weight Management Incorporated sells HCG products and provides a program that will enhance your entire lifestyle. As what is stated in the HCG diet protocol, their program requires you to follow a protein diet along with the administration of the HCG shots or oral drops. With their program that lasts for 17 weeks, you can lose 3 to 5 pounds a week.

As for Success Weightloss Systems, you can expect to lose a pound and a half per day. Your participation in the weight loss plan is depending on the outcome of your blood screening tests and consultation.

The last clinic is the HCG SlimAgain Clinic in Seattle and Tacoma. Their program requires you to use HCG shots or drops for the entire found phases of the program. From the preparation, weight reduction, transition, and maintenance, you will have to observe administering the HCG hormone. If you go to this clinic, you have higher chances of losing a lot of weight since their program can make you lose 10 to 14 pounds of fat in one week.

HCG products are sold both on stores locally and online. Find which stores are reputable and which can provide you with a comfortable and life-changing weight loss program.



-1 #1 Mara 2011-10-14 13:28
I would prefer to buy online, I had used HCG drops, and already have some reliable stores in mind. You can find them online but be sure you can trust them, there are a lot selling fake ones.
0 #2 Gracie 2011-10-18 09:05
HCG products are sold both on stores locally and online. Find which stores are reputable and which can provide you with a comfortable and life-changing weight loss program.

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